"I don't think it's possible to feel any better than this"

"Oh my God , thank you so much that was amazing .'

"As someone who has trained and studied yoga/meditation in India I am always interested in furthering my knowledge in other areas. I was very impressed with Anahata's knowledge, warmth and understanding of not only my needs but the essence of tantra. We had a great session and together we explored a level I had never experienced before and look forward to seeing her again in the near future." RH 

"...I suffered a stroke out of the blue over a year ago which left one side of my body numb. My body became "dysfunctional" -- nothing felt or worked as it had before my stroke. At first, I was merely grateful to be alive, which I still am. But after awhile, I began feeling distress over what I had become, both physically and psychologically. I no longer felt whole, sensual or fully alive. I felt detached. Then I started thinking that maybe I don't need to accept this as my permanent destiny. I still have alot of years left; maybe I could learn to change how I am. That's why I contacted Anahata Her ad spoke of mind, body, spirit, Tantra and healing. She sounded smart and sincere. I thought maybe she would understand where I was and what I needed, and would care enough to help me. Anahata has done all of that and more. After our last meeting, I told her she was literally bringing me back to life. She is hyper-intelligent and deeply spiritual. She has thought about and connected alot of the dots that explain who we are and why we are as we are. The time you spend talking with and listening to her is ALWAYS enlightening. After your mind has grown from conversing with her, Anahata begins to work with your body. She intuitively knows how to help you forward and heal you. She will take you places you never knew you had access to. And at every moment, she is focused on helping you grow and understand.  She gives herself completely to the person she is working with. She is a healer. A mentor. A guru. She is all about integrity. After a time, she is your friend. And in my mind, she is a goddess.   She connects you to something transcendant, introducing you to the light you didn't know was within yourself. Let her teach, enlighten, guide and heal you. She will meaningfully change and enhance your life..." Carl in TN   

"...Anahata's presence is nurturing; her wisdom is apparent. I easily opened up to her on a deep level. He counsel provided new insights allowing a wondrous experience of myself that was healing and transformative. Bring all of yourself to a session with her and you will benefit from it." RV

"...Thank you doesn't seem to fully express the gratitude I feel for our time today. What a great day! You are an artist, a joy, a warm touch I can feel even as I write this:) ..." K

"...When i originally made an appointment with you, i did not know what to expect. Since your wonderful and insightful session, my expectations of anyone else could not be matched. Your sessions are simply "magical" and I would strongly recommend you to anyone. Sincerely J. LA"

'...Anahata is a true healer, deeply empathetic with the ability to cut through to your most elemental self. My sessions with her were immediatly comfortable, I felt that she understood and valued me and her attention was undivided the whole time. Not to mention she is fun and interested in a wide range of subjects. This is an opportunity to have a real change in your life, dependent only on your willingness to open yourself to her knowledge and compassion...' B

"... I visited with you a couple of weeks back and have been meaning to write to offer you thanks and praise for the session. I'm grateful to you for all that you do." W

"...Very few experiences in a lifetime will equal a visit with Anahata. Her care, gentleness and love take you to a place you will yearn to return to... a deeply sensitive, loving human being..." D

"...When I called Anahata, I was not really sure what I was searching for. I did know that I wanted an experience that would transcend what I have been accustomed to in a more traditional sense. I wanted to be able to completely let go of my negative energy. It takes trust to do this and I found Anahata very worthy of my trust. I not only came away relaxed and renewed, I also came away enlightened. My expectations were greatly exceeded...' JA

'...Anahata was my first introduction and experience with Tantra and I am eternally grateful for what she has taught me. Her inner light shines brightly so that you easily feel the warmth and peace of her love simply through her presence. I know that I have personally benefited greatly from our many discussions, her meditation techniques such that I am a changed and more deeply loving person. She is a truly great teacher and thankfully, friend...' H

'I came upon Anahata's website, and knowing I had a trip upcoming to her area, called for an Appointment. I found the one session we shared enormously helpful. She took on the most difficult of my issues in a way that restored beauty to my life. I've been waiting to get back for session #2 ever since. My best wishes ( & thanks!) to Anahata!!..' Nora

'...Hello Ana, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful afternoon and a great experience. I am looking forward to our next session ... I am looking forward to continued learning and growth and the ability to put into my daily life. You are a very genuine person and made me feel comfortable. Again, thank you so much. I look forward to continued new experiences. Warm regards, R" 

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